Hymn – All Creatures of Our God and King

Matches the words of ‘All Creatures’ with photographs from Laudato Si’ powerpoint. Very useful for online services.

Download the powerpoint here: All Creatures of Our God and King final

Hymn – For the Beauty of Earth

Matches the words of the hymn with photographs of earth’s beauty. Helpful for online services.

Download the powerpoint here: For the beauty of the earth final

Meditation – Time for Creation

An acrostic of prayer and praise combining quotes and pictures. Prepared by Elizabeth Perry – great for use during Season of Creation.

Download it here: Time for Creation powerpoint

Meditation – For the Love of Creation

A visual meditation on God’s love and our love of God’s world, prepared by Elizabeth Perry using words drawn from Scripture and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si‘.

Download the powerpoint: For the Love of Creation

Presentation – “God saw that it was good”

Series of powerpoints  on creation’s diversity & caring for it.

The Bible opens with the story of creation, highlighting its beauty, diversity and interconnectedness. But today that same creation is under threat. In this series of powerpoints, which can be used individually or taken together as the basis for an extended presentation, Elizabeth Perry offers a reflection on the variety of created life – what scientists call biodiversity – our interdependence with all created life, the threats the diversity of life faces, what is being done to preserve it, and what we can ourselves do.

Introduction and Part 1 : What is biodiversity?

Part 2 :  Planet Earth – A place of astonishing variety, richness and interconnection

Part 3 : We are utterly dependent on biodiversity

Part 4: Biodiversity in our Faith Tradition

Part 5a: Biodiversity under threat

Part 5b: Why does this matter? 

Part 6: What needs to be done, what is being done, causes for hope

Part 7: What can we do? 

Part 8: Prayer – Pope Francis’ Prayer in Union with Creation

‘Green Communion’ Powerpoint

Highlights the beauty of nature with focus on ‘green’ things and a hymn of praise to God at the end. Prepared by Elizabeth Perry for the first anniversary of EcoChurch but suitable for any occasion when you want to reflect on the grandeur and beauty of God’s creation.

Download it here  (5+MB)

Meditation – The Earth is the Lord’s

Combines Scripture and striking images that showcase the glory of God’s creation. Prepared by Elizabeth Perry.

Download it here

Prayer – Laudato si!

Combines the words of St Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures  with images of creation. We also have a hymn powerpoint which uses some of the same images alongside the words of ‘All Creatures of Our God and King’, which is based on St Francis’ prayer. Great if you’re doing work on St Francis or Laudato Si’. 

Canticle of the Creatures All

Meditation – Springboard for Praise

Words and seasonal (Spring) images as a springboard for praise, worship and thanksgiving. Prepared by Elizabeth Perry.

Download it here as a powerpoint

And here as a pdf