Join the Climate Sunday movement

All is God’s gift: how will we respond?

Use this website to:

  • explore a process for the journey

  • find – and share – resources for each step

  • connect with others on the way

Tree with sunlight

Wonder, Praise and Thanksgiving

  • Do you want to help your church highlight creation’s beauty and diversity … and praise God for it?
  • Find prayers, reflections and Bible studies linked to God’s role as Creator?
  • Share with others in discovering the wonders of creation?

Hurt, Lament, Confession and Conversion

  • Do you want materials explaining the threats creation faces?
  • Prayers and hymns of lament & confession?
  • Resources reflecting on life at a time of climate change?

Hope, Love, Intercession and Restoration

  • Do you want to find steps for a journey of prayer and action?
  • Prayers for the world?
  • Ways of acting in solidarity with the earth and with our neighbours?