Creation is God’s marvellous, diverse, generous gift. Its many elements join together in praise of the Creator and sustain a vast web of life. But thanks to human sin, the song of creation is turning to groans, and many parts of the web of life are threatened.

How can we join together in prayer, action, and advocacy to help restore right relationships?

Resources by Theme

Wonder, Thanksgiving and Praise

Click on the heading above to find powerpoints that highlight the beauty of God’s creation, hymns and prayers of praise, personal reflections on creation, and a guide to where you can pray amidst nature’s beauty.

Hurt, Lament, Confession and Conversion

Click on the link above to find materials explaining the threats creation faces, prayers and hymns of lament and confession, and reflecting on what we seek to protect in a time of climate change and environmental degradation.

Hope, Love, Intercession and Restoration

Enter this section to find steps for a journey of prayer and action, prayers for the world, and ways of acting in solidarity with the earth and with our neighbours.

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Taking Action

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