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Linked Lectionaries

These websites  link the weekly Revised Common Lectionary texts with care for creation themes:

Catholic Climate Covenant

Green Pointers for Preachers

Greening the Lectionary 

Lutherans Restoring Creation

Sustainable Preaching

 In addition, numerous groups do linked lectionaries for Season of Creation. These can be found on Let All Creation Praise, the World Council of Churches site and the Season of Creation site.

Sermon Starters

‘Sermon starters’ give the germ of an idea, ready for you to flesh out.

Take a look below to find sermon starters listed by theme and by book of the Bible.

Link to Sermon StarterTopic
Worship and Awe (Awareness of creation leads to a sense of awe and transforms our worship - EcoJustice Ministries)Creation
Tending to the Garden (God seen and celebrated in creation, the call to care - CRCNA/EEN)Creation
"Restoration is coming" (creation, redemption - CRCNA/EEN)Creation
"Shout it from the Mountain Top - Praise God" (Creation belongs to and witnesses to God; we are called to tend it - CRCNA/EEN)Psalms, Creation

Top tips

Some general guidance that can help you begin – or refresh – your creation care preaching.


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