Mothering Sunday Gifts

Flowers? Chocolates? Cards? You can Fair Trade them all.

If you’re going for a traditional Mothering Sunday gift, it’s easy to send Fairtrade foods and flowers or Fair Trade cards. And when you do, you not only give pleasure to the person you’re treating, but you give a higher income to the people producing the gift.

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  • Fairtrade Flowers
  • Fairtrade Chocolates
    • Start with your local Fairtrade shop if you have one.  RISC World Shop in Reading and  Just Trading in Wallingford both have large selection of Divine and other chocolates. If you’re in Oxford, you can try Fair Trade at St Michael’s and Headington Fair Trade. If you’re in Faringdon area, look at the Mustard Seed
    • Oxfam shops often also have a good selection of Fairtrade chocolates – and if there’s not a shop near you, try their online emporium.
    • If none of those is an option, consider your local supermarket or shop –  Coop, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose have large selections; Marks and Spencer has several own-brand chocolates on offer, including a letterbox gift box you can order online; Lidl uses Fairtrade cocoa in a wide range of products; smaller shops may carry some specialist Fairtrade brands.
    • Or order online. You can go to a major retailer like Traidcraft, Ethical SuperstoreAbel and Cole, or Real Foods. Traidcraft and Ethical Superstore sell hampers, as well as individual gifts.
      Some of the major Fairtrade chocolate producers also have gifts that you can order online: take a look at the Cocoa Loco gift boxes, the design-your-own-wrapper feature offered by Tony’s Chocolonely, and Meaningful Chocolate‘s range of Mothering Sunday cards, bars, and boxes.
  • Fair Trade Cards
  • Other Fair Trade gifts
    • Scarves? Jewellery? Stationery? You can find a range of Fair Trade gifts in the local and online Fair Trade shops. Check out, also, some lovely jewellery carried by Embrace the Middle East.

Make a Fairtrade meal

Support mothers and daughters trading worldwide

  • To honour someone special in your life, why not give a gift which will help a woman get more opportunities for herself and her family.

Keeping Warm … the Fair Trade Way

If you’re after a jumper to keep you warm on chilly evenings, why not take a look at the alternatives to mass-produced fast fashion? With these choices, you can support ethical, sustainable, and Fair Trade producers instead.

We’ve highlighted a few options …

For Men

Yukon Jumper

This Yukon jumper from Pachamama has been hand knitted with natural wool and even has a lovely snowflake pattern perfect for wintry weather. Pachamama supports the international charity Net4Kids who work in Nepal to ensure under privileged children have a better future.

Buy from Pachamama (£75.00) or Traidcraft (£69.95)


Photo: Nomads

Crew Cut Jumper

Maybe you’re looking for a piece you can wear time and again? This crew cut jumper by Nomads in organic cotton is the one for you. Choose from rowan or blue and know that you have supported a company who has worked with fair trade producers since 1989.

Buy at £47.60 from Nomads – limited stock, get them while you can


Photo: Namaste

Patchwork Chic

From Namaste Fair Trade, a sweater that will work for everyone! Knitted in wool and lined with fleece, it will keep you stylish and warm throughout the winter.

Buy at £80 from Namaste: RISC and Just Trading of Wallingford also carry Namaste clothing.


On a tight budget?

Charity shops have amazing bargains – visit your local ones and see what treasures you can find. Or if you’d rather shop online, take a look at Oxfam’s online shop. When we last checked, they had 814 jumpers on offer – at prices from £4.99! (And if you’re not on a budget, you might want to take a look at some of their designer finds …)

Buying second hand gives money to charities and reduces both waste and use of precious resources. And we love the feeling when we’re searching and find something that just hits the spot!

For women


Photo: Pachamama

Star light, star bright …

Looking for something starry and stylish? Why not try this beautiful Tintagel wrap? Made with 100% wool and a showpiece wooden fastening, this Pachamama piece will keep you warm all winter.

Buy at £49.95  from Pachamama and Traidcraft


Photo: Pachamama

Come Dasher and Dancer …

You’ll be all ready for carols and gift-giving with this Christmas special – a cosy 100% wool cardigan from Pachamama, with snowflakes, reindeer and trees. Hand knit by artisans working in Nepal.

Buy at £59.95 from Pachamama


Photo: Nomads

A year-round classic

Perfect for layering, this textured-knit Turtle Neck Jumper in organic cotton will see you through the winter and into the spring. It’s got long sleeves and side slits at the hem and is easy to dress up or down.

Buy at £50.40 from Nomads

Photo: People Tree

A versatile wardrobe staple …

Sporting a beautiful geometric pattern in black and white, this chic jumper will suit casual and smart outfits – and it’s made from 100% certified Fairtrade and organic cotton. People Tree have partnered with Rejlakshmi to create this stylish jumper.

Buy at £68 from People Tree.


Photo: Black Yak website

Cheerful Stripes

From BAFTS supplier Black Yak, a gorgeously warm and stripy sweater, hand knitted from wool by artisans in Nepal.  Perfect for rambles outside on Boxing Day … or any time you want

Buy at £80 from Black Yak


Photo: People Tree

Green and gorgeous …

This beautiful 100% organic merino wool jumper has long slouched sleeves, side splits and ribbed roll neck, cuffs and hem. Its relaxed-fit style makes it perfect for layering. It’s made by People Tree Fair Trade producer partner NB International, an ethical business based in Italy.

Buy at £103.20 from People Tree


Audrey Boxy Maternity & Nursing Top

Fashionable, comfortable, functional, and organic – this Breton style top can be dressed up or down for the festive period. Frugi have even got a matching children’s top!

Buy at £29.40 from Frugi

For children

Peruvian Cheer

These lovely Fair Trade sweaters, with their jolly sun and animals, will brighten the winter days with their vibrant colours, and keep your little one toasty warm.

Visit Fair Trade at St Michael’s and buy one for £19.95

Charity Gifts

Fabulous Gifts under £10

A Guide to Alternative Wrapping

Why not ditch the non-recyclable wrapping paper and tape this year, and try an alternative – they can even showcase how crafty you are! Not only are the options below more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they allow for a much-loved personal touch when exchanging gifts.


You may or may not have come across this term… Furoshiki are traditionally Japanese wrapping cloths used to transport goods. There is an emphasis on aesthetics, so you can imagine how beautiful some textiles may be. In recent years, it has become more mainstream and is now promoted by retailers such as Lush, to encourage wrapping gifts in stunning fabrics instead of paper and tape that cannot be recycled. We’ve put together a little video of how you can use this alternative – why not pick up a Fair Trade scarf and that can be part of the present!

Brown Paper & Ribbon

Most people have ribbon lying around their homes, which have come from previous gifts. Instead of buying wrapping paper from the shops, why not bulk buy a roll of brown paper (fully recyclable) and then use ribbon to seal it. The best part is, you can add your own design or personalise the paper with drawings or a message. Here’s one we made earlier 😊

Washi Tape

If you’re worried about how you’ll cope without sticky tape, then why not swap it over to Washi tape. They can be bought pretty much everywhere now and because they’ve been created using highly renewable products, they’re fully recyclable! You can even find some Fair Trade ones if you look hard enough.



If like us, you never throw away gift bags – why not just reuse them? Get a little bit of tissue paper and scrunch it on top, and voila! You have a beautiful looking gift. Now, unfortunately, a lot of mainstream gift bags are not recyclable because they include plastics and glitter; but if we keep reusing them then at least we’re not adding to the cycle of purchasing and throwing into landfill. The one in this photo is onto its third recipient!

10 Favourite Stocking Fillers