Keeping Warm … the Fair Trade Way

If you’re after a jumper to keep you warm on chilly evenings, why not take a look at the alternatives to mass-produced fast fashion? With these choices, you can support ethical, sustainable, and Fair Trade producers instead.

We’ve highlighted a few options …

For Men

Yukon Jumper

This Yukon jumper from Pachamama has been hand knitted with natural wool and even has a lovely snowflake pattern perfect for wintry weather. Pachamama supports the international charity Net4Kids who work in Nepal to ensure under privileged children have a better future.

Buy from Pachamama (£95.00)


Photo: Namaste

Patchwork Chic

From Namaste Fair Trade, a sweater that will work for everyone! Knitted in wool and lined with fleece, it will keep you stylish and warm throughout the winter.

Buy at £99.96 from Namaste: RISC and Just Trading of Wallingford also carry Namaste clothing.


On a tight budget?

Charity shops have amazing bargains – visit your local ones and see what treasures you can find. Or if you’d rather shop online, take a look at Oxfam’s online shop. When we last checked, they had 814 jumpers on offer – at prices from £4.99! (And if you’re not on a budget, you might want to take a look at some of their designer finds …)

Buying second hand gives money to charities and reduces both waste and use of precious resources. And we love the feeling when we’re searching and find something that just hits the spot!

For women


Photo: Pachamama

Star light, star bright …

Looking for something starry and stylish? Why not try this beautiful Tintagel wrap? Made with 100% wool and a showpiece wooden fastening, this Pachamama piece will keep you warm all winter.

Buy at £69.95  from Pachamama.


Warm amidst the winter snows …

You’ll be all ready for carols or winter walks with this wonderful fleece-lined jacket, with the outer hand knit by artisans working in Nepal. A wonderful replacement for coats and jackets … and so beautiful!

Buy at £99.95 from Pachamama


Photo: Black Yak website

Cheerful Stripes

From BAFTS supplier Black Yak, a gorgeously warm and stripy sweater, hand knitted from wool by artisans in Nepal.  Perfect for rambles outside on Boxing Day … or any time you want

Buy at £110 from Black Yak