Seeing Hope, Seeing Resurrection

This powerpoint that Elizabeth prepared for Easter 2017, now slightly revised, takes us through the period from Good Friday to the Resurrection – and offers stories of hope and transformation in today’s world. Download it here.

‘Green Communion’ Powerpoint

Prepared for the first anniversary of EcoChurch but suitable for any occasion when you want to reflect on the grandeur and beauty of God’s creation, Elizabeth’s powerpoint highlights the beauty of nature … with a focus on ‘green’ things … and a hymn of praise to God at the end.

Download it here  (5+MB)

Christmas and God’s Upside-Down Kingdom

A reflective powerpoint that Elizabeth made for Christmas 2016, reflecting on the participants in the Christmas story and God’s upside-down kingdom. Download it here:  Christmas and God’s Upside-Down Kingdom.

The Earth is the Lord’s

A beautiful powerpoint by Elizabeth Perry combining Scripture and striking images that showcase the glory of God’s creation.

Download it here

God’s Kingdom in the Ordinary

A beautiful powerpoint that Elizabeth created, reflecting on the ways that we can see God’s love manifested in the ordinary. Especially suitable for Christmas time, but can be used at any point during the year.

Download the reflection

Advent Light … for Paris

A powerpoint Elizabeth prepared as the Paris climate talks approached, offering us a way of reflecting on climate and preparing for the climate talks in the light of Advent.

Download it here: Advent Light

Laudato si! – “Canticle of the creatures”

Pope Francis’ encyclical calls us to meditation upon creation’s astonishing beauty and the way in which it reflects God. To assist us in doing this – whether in services or in our own times of prayer – Elizabeth has put together a powerpoint that combines the words of St Francis’ beautiful Canticle of the Creatures – from which the encyclical derives its title – with images. You can download it below. It is a large file (5.5 MB). If you would like it split into smaller files, email us

Canticle of the Creatures All

Springboard for Praise

A new powerpoint from Elizabeth Perry, offering words and seasonal (Spring) images as a springboard for praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Download it here as a powerpoint

And here as a pdf

A Prayer for the Earth – Powerpoint

A beautiful setting of words from prayers by Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town Desmond Tutu – appropriate for Earth Day, Earth Sunday or other times when you want to emphasise care for creation.

A Prayer for the Earth

Advent Light/“Light for Lima”

/From 1st – 12th December 2014 representatives of 195 countries gathered in Lima, Peru for the 20th round of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations. Lima was a crucial stepping-stone on the road to the December 2015 Paris conference, which aimed to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.

As the delegates gathered, people around the world held events asking world leaders to find the courage and generosity that is needed to have successful negotiations. Organized by Our Voices, Light for Lima was one of these – a global call to prayer, sent to people of all beliefs.

As Christians, we yearned – and still yearn – to bring our concerns in this area before God, who created and sustains the world. To help us offer our prayers and in thanksgiving for the faith and hope we have in Christ, CCOW has prepared a powerpoint reflection, Advent Light, for Lima which draws together the themes of Advent, light, darkness, and climate change. We hope you find it helpful.


Download it here: Advent Light/”Light for Lima”