Special Events

Helping people to understand why Fair Trade matters … working for justice … building community … sharing food … sharing faith. Fair Trade events have a global and local impact.

For example, you could hold a Fair Trade film night (click here to see some films you might want to use).  Participants learn about global work for a fairer world – and come together for a fun evening that helps to build up your local community.

Or you could sponsor a community ‘Fair and Local Chef’ or ‘Fair and Local Bakeoff’ event (take a look at our ‘Fair Trade Cooking Event’ sheet for suggestions and examples from different communities).  You’d be helping people become aware of a wide range of Fairtrade ingredients and the producers behind them – and maybe getting to meet people in your community whom you might not already know.

When people are able to meet up for refreshments safely again, Fair Trade’s a natural for community meals – whether a regular weekday drop-in with Fairtrade cuppas and biscuits … or a special, make-your-own smoothie bar with Fairtrade fruit … or a ‘Fair and Local’ bring and share supper.

A lot of people involved in Fair Trade are Christians – and really dynamic when they talk about why they do what they do. Why not have an evening where one of them talks about their Fair Trade work and how it relates to their faith – something to challenge and inspire. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with people.

And there are so many more possibilities: Fairtrade football matches (and unfair Fairtrade football matches), Fair Trade book group suggestions, Fair Trade puppet shows, Fair Trade crafting workshops.  The sky’s the limit!