Some Resources on Trade and Brexit

Some briefings

Fairtrade Foundation and Traidcraft, “Brexit: Let’s change trade for good”

Joint NGO (lead Traidcraft),  “Post-Brexit – Towards a trade policy that supports development” (2 pp summary)

Trade Justice Movement – “The Trade Bill: Constitutional implications and recommendations” (4 pp)

Trade Justice Movement – “Securing democracy in trade policy: Developing a transparent and democratic approach to trade agreements” (12 pp)

Some people and group to follow on Twitter

Interestingly much of the best accessible discussion around Brexit and trade is on Twitter. You don’t need to be on Twitter to look at someone’s tweets – just click on their Twitter handle below.

UK Trade Forum 

@uktradeforum – “An independent and non-partisan group of trade policy experts committed to improving public debate on and  ”

Four of its steering committee who regularly tweet highly useful explanatory threads

 – Dmitry Grozoubinski  “Dumbest guy at . Former Aussie trade negotiator (WTO) explaining trade accessibly at . Views my own. Jokes niche. Very niche.”
 –  David Henig “UK Director / TTIP veteran/ global trade policy/ Co-founder / founder / add football, cricket, weather/ accepts DMs”

@hhesterm – Holger Hestermeyer  “Reader in Int’l Dispute Resolution , midc. fellow past: VP , Référendaire , head of research group

@samuelmarclowe – Sam Lowe “Trade and Brexit. Senior Research Fellow . Visiting Research Fellow . Also , . Welsh. Views my own.”

Some more of its steering committee – useful tweets here, too

@ianadreyer – Iana Dreyer “Trade wonk. Citizen of Everywhere. Founder . Co founder Here *personal* Also

 – Guy de JonquièresFormer FT chief EEC correspondent, world trade editor and Asia commentator. Now senior fellow at Ecipe and associate at LSE IDEAS. Co-founder, UK Trade Forum.”
@meme_MLM – Maria Laura Marceddu “ ; Treasurer Free thinker interested in IEL and Int’l Inv. Law; PhD in EU inv. law & policy. Love singing

@GeorgePeretzQC – George Peretz “QC (E&W) BL (Irl): competition, State aid, agriculture, tax, trade, public law. Steering committee . Law/Brexit/trade/economics/classics/history.”

Currently involved in the negotiations

@JohnAlty1 – John Alty “Director General for trade policy, Department for International Trade, UK”
@james_alex_boyd – Alex Boyd  “Adviser to the  Secretary of State for International Trade , formerly European Parliament. Views my own – I retweet stuff I disagree with .