Prayer for Child Soldiers

A prayer to end the recruitment and use of children in conflict – and for the healing of those who have been forced into conflict, and those whom they have harmed.

Download a PowerPoint version of the prayer: Prayer for Child Soldiers.

Dear Lord,
We pray for children whose childhood has been interrupted,
For young eyes which have seen far too much,
Young hands trained to hold weapons,
Young feet forced to march,
Young minds seared by commands
No child should encounter.

O Prince of Peace,
Who gathered the children to Yourself
And blessed them,
We pray for children used in conflicts to be set free,
For your healing to restore their bodies and minds
And the bodies and minds of those they have harmed,
For their reconciliation within families and communities
And an end to cycles of grief and trauma.

And we pray, O Lord, who created all things
And whose love is everywhere,
Bring a just and peaceful resolution of the conflicts
That rend our world
And that put children and adults in harm’s way.
Your Kingdom come, O Lord, your will be done.