Praying for Beirut and Lebanon


BMS World Mission  – prayer points and video

CAFOD – prayer and links to further materials

Christian Aid – prayer (scroll to end of page)

Embrace the Middle East prayer (scroll to end of page)

Methodist Church (UK) – prayer from Revd Ruth Gee

Prayer based on a Tweet from the Middle East Council of Churches

Prayer points from Pope Francis and the Maronite Patriarch (Tablet)



Ways to Donate (UK agencies)

All We Can – working with a local partner in Beirut

BMS World Mission Beirut Appeal – works with the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development in Beirut

CAFOD Beirut Appeal – CAFOD is part of the CARITAS family of agencies. CARITAS-Lebanon is actively working to assist people affected by the Beirut explosions and the Lebanese crisis overall.

Christian Aid Beirut Appeal – Christian Aid is working with its partners Basmeh & Zeitooneh and Mouvement Social

Embrace the Middle East – Embrace works with multiple partners in Beirut and Lebanon, responding to people’s needs as a result of both the explosion and the wider crisis.

Oxfam Beirut Appeal

Red Cross Emergency Appeal – The British Red Cross is working with the Lebanese Red Cross. In the aftermath of the explosion, many Lebanese correspondents were advocating a donation to the Lebanese Red Cross. This is difficult to do directly, so giving through the British Red Cross is a good option.

Tearfund Beirut Appeal – works with partner churches and faith organisations who are assisting with relief in the immediate crisis and the wider situation.

World Vision Beirut Appeal – disaster relief



Lebanese flag photograph sourced from Wikimedia Commons: public domain.