Resources for Churches

Are you looking for resources for prayer, study, and action within your church? Take a look at our resources section to see what we offer, including:

    • Prayer powerpoints
    • Written prayers
    • Reports
    • A calendar of events (our own and others)
    • Guides to online worship materials for specific seasons and festivals
    • Our weekly prayer email

We also have action points in the ‘Act!’ section.

If you’d like something different for a particular occasion, get in touch. We may be able to adapt resources or work with you to put together new materials.

Just for You

Want to think through how you or your church might engage with a particular issue?

Have a query about which organisations are working in an area you care about?

Thinking about how your specific gifts might best be used to help in a global context?

Want to know the answer to a specific question about an issue?

Get in touch! We’re happy to try to help you. We act as an ‘honest broker,’ offering information drawn from a wide variety of sources so that you can find what you need.

Help with Events

We have wide experience in putting on events that engage from small roundtables to evening talks to day conferences and large-scale events.

We’ve put on Fair Trade, trade and climate-related events of our own, worked with churches on a variety of events, and been on the planning groups for the Ecumenical World Development Conference and the services held as part of the Climate Lobby of Parliament (June 2015), the Wave (2009) and Put People First (2008).

We love working with churches and groups of churches that have an idea for an event but would like help finding speakers or thinking about how to structure their plans. We’ll work with you to think through a programme, suggest (and if you like, contact) a range of possible speakers, help find worship materials, etc.

If you’re interested, get in touch!