“Mission and Ministry in Covenant”

Joint Study: “Mission and Ministry in Covenant:Report from The Faith and Order bodies of the Church of England and the Methodist Church” (2017)

“The main proposals, if implemented, will enable an interchange of presbyteral ministries between our churches that has not been possible since the parting of the ways between Anglicans and Methodists in the late eighteenth century. We believe that these proposals on episcopal ministry and on the reconciliation of presbyteral ministries are congruent with the teaching and polity of our two churches and that they can now be commended to the churches for acceptance. We also believe that accepting the proposals made here will enable a new depth of communion between our churches and enhance our common mission, to the glory of God.”

Background and Church Documents

There is quite comprehensive coverage of the Anglican-Methodist Covenant’s text, history and implementation on the Anglican-Methodist Covenant website.

General Synod 2086 (the paper for the GS debate this week) “Mission and Ministry in Covenant: Note from the Faith and Order Commission” also gives helpful background.


Coverage of Publication of ‘Mission and Ministry in Covenant’

Reflections, Questions and Debate

Coverage of General Synod (Church of England) debate

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