Understanding Climate Change


Met Office – Impacts of Climate Change

A simple, short video that gives an overview of the science of climate change, its potential impacts and the things we need to do to slow down global warming.

The Citizens’ Assembly Introduction to Climate Change

In 2019, the UK held its first ever ‘Citizen’s Assembly’. As part of the background briefing, Professor Joanna Haigh (Imperial College, London) and Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading) gave brief (15 minutes each) overviews of the science and impacts of climate change. Professor Haigh’s is embedded below; you can find Professor Hawkins’ here. (Cool fact: Ed Hawkins is the person who introduced the ‘warming stripes’)

A visualisation of global temperatures 1880 – 2020 (NASA)

One hundred and forty years of global temperatures shown on a map – put together by the NASA, one of the agencies providing global data.

What if climate change is real? (Katharine Hayhoe)

But climate’s always been changing … I’ve seen data showing that global warming stopped between 2001 and 2011 … isn’t it all about the sun?

If you’ve heard these statements before and don’t know how to respond, you might find this video helpful. In an engaging way, Katharine Hayhoe goes through often-cited misconceptions, giving the data to show what’s really true.



The advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has made it possible to learn about topics from experts around the world … at your own pace and in your own home. The courses below will help you gain an introduction to the science of climate change and climate impacts.

What is climate change? (University of Colorado-Boulder, Coursera) – beginner level, 6 hours to complete

Our earth’s future (American Museum of Natural History – Coursera) – beginner level, 8 hours to complete

Climate Change: The Science (University of Exeter – FutureLearn) – beginner level, 12 hours to complete