Ukrainian Refugees – Employment Opportunities

Vodafone is offering ‘fast-track’ employment opportunities in a number of areas to Ukrainians and other nationals displaced from Ukraine by the current crisis. You must be over 18. The offerings include both on-site and remote and allow you to “accelerate … through our usual application, assessment and interview processes. We will also do our very best to provide you with the relocation support you need, and do everything we can to help you, within the legal framework of the hiring country.” For more information, click here. (NB: When you get to the UK site, it may show simply ‘this job has been filled’. Enter a key word such as ‘engineer’ or ‘service’ in the ‘Search by Keyword’ box to get a list of relevant jobs.

In Oxford, Mission Burrito (a restaurant) is looking for staff. £9.50 an hour, flexible hours, and free meals. Email is here.

European Waterways are looking for hosts and hostesses to work on a luxury ship in Inverness (Scotland) and have advertised via a local community group. More information here. These posts are residential – and at quite a distance! But they might suit someone without family responsibilities.