CCOW Guide to Online Lent Resources (2019)

To help with the keeping of Lent, CCOW has put together a Guide to Online Resources for Lent (Download the updated version for 2019 here). Some of the materials in the guide offer daily reflections, prayers and action points; some are meant for use on a weekly basis.

They’re designed to be part of a traditional Lenten discipline of prayer, meditative reading, giving and fasting. Fasting, of course, is not simply a matter of restraint in eating and drinking – as Isaiah 58 reminds us, the fast that God desires involves refraining from wickedness; freeing those who are oppressed; sharing with those in need; keeping our speech free of evil; and honouring the time set aside for God, the Sabbath.Many of the resources pick up the themes of ending oppression and sharing with those in need … though we also refer to the Godspace list, which has more general resources as well.

The resources are easy to make part of a daily routine or part of a Sabbath time, resting in the presence of God.

Do please let us know what you find helpful … and please recommend any resources or ideas for Lent that we have missed.



Photograph: Stations of the Cross, St James Priory, Bristol