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Prayers for the New Year The New Testament readings in this week’s Revised Common Lectionary texts speak of the creation and reconciliation of all things, offering a look backwards and hope for what is to come. Instead of a regular prayer email for this week, we asked each member of our team to reflect on […]

Paris Agreement, International Migrants Day – 18 December 2015

This week: The Paris Agreement International Migrants Day – Welcome the Stranger As we prepare for the coming of Christ, we encounter, in this week’s Revised Common Lectionary readings, the Virgin Mary’s magnificent hymn of praise to God, often called the Magnificat. Rejoicing in God’s faithfulness and abundant gifts, the song anticipates the overturning of […]

Development Finance, Burundi, Short Notes – 12 July 2015

Financing for Development Conference, Burundi, Short Notes: South Sudan, Greece, Nuclear Talks with Iran. The story of John the Baptist, found in this week’s Revised Common Lectionary readings, brutally illustrates the risks of prophetically challenging those in power. And yet, around the world, Christians continue to run those risks, sustained by the grace of God and […]