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Theology and Practice: Creation Care in a Wounded World

In a world that is gravely wounded, where do we find hope – and how do our actions reflect our faith?  This list includes a range of books that reflect on the call to action, as well as those that offer practical steps for Christians. It will have two sections. The first, below, contains materials […]

Search your heart and choices – individual

One of the glories of the Christian faith is that our awareness of God’s love and forgiveness means that we can look at ourselves honestly – seeing the gifts that God has given us and knowing that when we find things that need mending, we can bring them to the God who forgives us, heals […]

Time to Wonder and Respond – Churches

Our church buildings are a glorious gift … but the whole of Creation is also a ‘church’, revealing God’s glory and presence. How can you, as a church community, come to be ‘at home’ together in creation, sharing together in its joys and sorrows and growing in a desire to care for it?   Worshipping in […]

Time to Wonder and Respond – Individuals

“How much time do we spend looking – really looking – at what’s in front of us? One day, the train I was on stopped for quite a while at a red signal. My window looked out on a tree – so near that you could see the ridges and  whorls of its bark and […]

Ground everything in prayer

“First of all, every time you begin a good work, you must pray to Christ most earnestly to bring it to perfection.”   Rule of St Benedict, Prologue v 4 Wherever you are in your journey of ‘ecological conversion’, prayer is at the centre. Prayer can help us hear God, appreciate God’s goodness, feel God’s prompting […]

Theology: Reflections on the Anthropocene

 Christians often say that our way of looking at the world should be not centred on humanity or on other creatures, but on God, with whom we and all creation are in relationship. Our current crisis shows what happens when those relationships are distorted. How can we reflect theologically on where we are – and […]