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Sermon Starters – Bible verses

A helpful list of Bible verses that pertain to creation care, organised by topic. Originally compiled by Peter Illyn of Restoring Eden, a Christian environmental organization, and put into pdf form on the Diocese of Alabama’s website Another list, compiled by Jemima Parker, from Leeds (CofE) Diocese, organises the verses in the order in which […]

Sermon Starters – Focus on Creation

“Restoration is coming” (creation, redemption – CRCNA/EEN) Tending to the Garden (God seen and celebrated in creation, the call to care – CRCNA/EEN) “Shout it from the Mountain Top – Praise God” (Creation belongs to and witnesses to God; we are called to tend it – CRCNA/EEN) Worship and Awe (Awareness of creation leads to […]

Bible Studies, Courses, and Reflection Series

Why should Christians care about the environment? Does God give us guidance for creation care in Scripture? To answer such questions, we turn to the Bible, seeking to discern God’s will. We’ve gathered here some materials for Bible study. Most are online and free to download, but we’ve included some that require purchases as well.  […]